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Chef Brandt

A Culinary Family Tree

Chef Brandt Evans has grown a culinary family tree with deep roots in his Blue Canyon Restaurants.

Driven by his passion for food, Chef Evans is committed to the development of his kitchen team. He strives to offer leadership opportunities to young cooks, who like himself, took an interest in cooking at an early age. Today, this allows Blue Canyon to tout a chef team with nearly 30+ years of kitchen experience under Evan’s tutelage and four U.S. restaurants with more on the horizon.

With a combined total of more than 15 years in the kitchen together, Chef Evans fostered the careers of brothers Lawrence “Larry” Coffman and Scott Coffman from dishwashers to executive chefs after noticing their passion for cooking at the Missoula, Montana. and Rockwall, Texas, restaurants respectively. Evans fondly explains that the two chefs worked their way up the ranks of a restaurant kitchen, investing long working hours, showing their dedication to great food and believing in his vision to create dishes that ‘make love to diner’s taste buds.’

Joined by executive chefs Matt Israel (Kalispell, Montana), the group has logged an impressive 30+ years working with Chef Evans. But Evan’s mission extends beyond his executive chefs. His guidance enables sous chefs like Danny Jenks and Heidi Hutcheson, to have hopes of joining the elite Blue Canyon executive chef group. Pastry chefs Gretchen Edwards and Rachel Chiavari taught by Evans, have many of the same opportunities as they make fresh desserts in-house daily.

“Each chef brings diversity and style to our restaurants,” says Evans. “But our teamwork goes beyond creating unique dishes with depth. These chefs are not just my employees – they are my family. At the end of the day we share a huge respect for each other; we work long hours together, often spending more time with each other than we do our own families. Together we create a strong creative force at Blue Canyon.”

Chef Brandt Evans
Chef Brandt Evans

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